The Measure of Success

This week for the Jesus X Comforter blog and podcast, we are going to begin a series in which we will consider topics that are particularly pertinent to Millenials. We will be inviting some amazing people of God to share insights from things that God has revealed to them in their personal lives. For the… Continue Reading →

Why is it soo Hard to say Yes to God?

Last week we sent out an invitation, a call to repentance. We asked a question, Will you say yes? I know that many in reply would say, I want to say yes but it’s soo hard! Or I’ve said yes on previous occasions and I have not been able to follow through. So, for this… Continue Reading →

Will You Say Yes?

Today my thoughts are going to be about returning to the Lord. Last week we announced that Jesus had been reborn in the earth in a corporate body of believers. We also mentioned about how fragile this new birth is and how it needs to be protected from the Herods and the Pharaohs of our… Continue Reading →

Part 3 – Christmas Happened at Easter 2020

Lion of Judah Jesus is here. That’s the big secret and third part of our trilogy. I’m soo excited! Soo soo excited!  However, We Need to Manage our emotions. Of course, there are expressions of emotions by a Savage Jesus (elevation church followers – remember that series? @elevationchurch) Turning tables in the temple of people… Continue Reading →

A Message for Christians regarding Coronavirus

We interrupt our planned three part series to bring you an urgent message from the Lord for Christians regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. There are broadly two categories those that are key workers on the frontline and those that are home providing support to the frontline. I would like to reassure you all that as long… Continue Reading →

The Deafening Silence

At the beginning of this year 2020 My church declared quantum leaps of greatness…  My pastor declared this is the year of I AM However looking at my experience of 2020 so far on the surface I don’t think anyone could call it very great right now… For the first few months I was calling… Continue Reading →

The End of Life as we Knew it…

So far, 2020 has been a year many would like to restart. The shocking speed at which the entire world has been forcibly, uncontrollably, lunged head-first into collective discomfort with vastly increased intensity. The initial shock was heartbreak (MegXit – Brits you know it hurt a little but how trifling does it seem now). Then… Continue Reading →

Introducing Jesus X Comforter

A prophetic ministry sharing words and thoughts received directly from Jesus always confirmed by THE WORD in a blog and accompanying podcast. To provide divine comfort, renewal, rest, answers and peace. Jesus X Comforter is my Name. 2 Cor 1:4 is HIS AIM

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