The Grace of God

Today is Ash Wednesday. A day in the Religious Christian calendar set apart for prayer and fasting ahead of a period of repentance. For those of us, who are in the process of renouncing religion and embracing Christ-ianity, it is a time to ponder on the grace of God. But this post is not just... Continue Reading →

The Glory of God

How do we as Human Beings manifest the Glory of God? I prefix this post with my now familiar ramble of I know only in part. I say this not for religious appearances or to sound humble but because it is true. I am in the process of unlearning and learning. Like the blind men... Continue Reading →

A Divine Love Letter

I believe that I have received a love letter from the heart of God to all who are currently seeking Him. The love letter is actually the last two sentences at the end of this discourse before the addendum. But, to shed some light from my ongoing, unlearning, and experience of God’s love, I first... Continue Reading →

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