For Such a Time as This

This morning, as I was praying in the cyber upper room, I heard another message from God that needed to be shared urgently. This is a continuation of the message that He began yesterday. It is quite a bit longer than yesterday’s message as it explains God unfolding plan and the necessity of the call... Continue Reading →

The Measure of Success

This week for the Jesus X Comforter blog and podcast, we are going to begin a series in which we will consider topics that are particularly pertinent to Millenials. We will be inviting some amazing people of God to share insights from things that God has revealed to them in their personal lives. For the... Continue Reading →

Will You Say Yes?

Today my thoughts are going to be about returning to the Lord. Last week we announced that Jesus had been reborn in the earth in a corporate body of believers. We also mentioned about how fragile this new birth is and how it needs to be protected from the Herods and the Pharaohs of our... Continue Reading →

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